Divine & Mesmerizing

Experience the affinity with love and spirituality by treating your ears with Santo’s best hits.
Dam Mast Qalandar
Dil e Umeed

Sublime Sufi Performances are an inspiring experience to have

People love to hear the voice soaring above the call-and-response choruses, rhythmic hand claps, percussion, and harmonium accompanying musicians. It inspires me to create an experience that expresses the essence of Sufism in a classic style.

“Music Is Soul To Peace. This is what I believe.“
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Kali Kali Zulfon K Phandy Na Dalo
Yada Vichre Sajan Diyan
Jab karam hota hai halat badal jate hain
Dill e umeed tora hai kisi ne

Let’s Indulge in the dept of Sufism together

From meditative to trance-inducing, it’s about a thrilling performance and ecstatic experience.

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Official Release

Stay tuned for Asif Ali Khan Santoo’s official hits.

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Enchant Yourself With Ever-Green Hit

Straight from the heart, this beautifully sung melody has touched the soul and is appreciated by the musicophiles. Listen today