Music through the Generations

Asif Ali Santoo Khan is born to a family of Sufi devotees. Having such a rich cultural DNA & inspiring voices around make Santoo stand out with his talent for ethereal Qawwali & classical music.

Legacy from Sub-Continent

Asif Ali' Santoo' Khan traces his musical ancestry back more than 350 years. His great-grandfather, Mian Maula Baksh, was one of the most famous classical singers of the Indian subcontinent. His heirloom got continued by his son and Asif Ali Khan Santoo's grandfather Ustad Manzoor Hussain Santoo Khan.

Ustad Manzoor Hussain Santoo Khan

After the partition (1947), his grandfather, Ustad Manzoor Hussain Santoo Khan, settled in Lahore, Pakistan. Ustad Manzoor Hussain Santoo Khan was the first voice to inaugurate the celebration of Radio Pakistan with Zaamne Ke Andaaz Badle Gaye Naya Raag Hai Saaz Badle Gaye, an ode written by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Popularity hit Santoo Khan Qawwal and his companions, and he was cherished at every home through Radio Pakistan. These popular hits are known for linguistic diversity, including Urdu, Persian, and Punjabi languages.

Asif's journey to be the Santoo Khan

Darvish by nature & a well-known Qawwal, Ustad Santoo Khan, envisioned his last days as out of a family of nine grandsons to take the reins forward. After that, a ceremony was performed where Asif Ali was blessed with the title “Santoo Khan.”