Asif Ali Khan Santoo & the legacy

Santoo's mesmerizing voice and mettle in Qawwali aren't mere passion but a family-long devotion and his musical ancestry back more than 350 years. He got this immense talent in heritage from his grandfather Ustad Manzoor Hussain Santoo & great grandfather Moula Baksh Qawaal, one of the most famous classical singers of the Indian subcontinent.
Currently, Asif Ali Santoo has touched the heart of Hollywood & Bollywood with his soul-pleasing qawwalis, ghazals, and classical music. Through his fierce performances, he connects with his audience in the most mesmerizing way and takes them to the world of Sufism.

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The late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan mentored Asif Ali Santoo Khan.

In 1985 Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan visited The Legendary Qawaal Ustad Santoo Khan and felt a special bond with young Asif Ali Santoo Khan. After that, Asif Ali Santoo Khan developed a keen interest in classical music, Qawwali.

Prince of Qawali & Pride of Performance

Asif Ali Khan Santoo’s charm and effortlessness make him a living legend and prince of qawwali. The Government of Pakistan recognizes his way of expressing and he was awarded the Prestigious Presidential Award “Pride of Performance” in March 2021 for his gratifying art.

Ambassador of Syed Faqir Ullah Shah Trust

Apart from his profession and Love for art and music, Asif Ali khan Santoo also believes in humanity. He is an ambassador of a Lahore-based trust, Syed Faqir Ullah Shah Trust.
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